ZEro emissions network

Client: London Borough of Hackney


Duncan helped write the business case for the creation of a business network to encourage sustainable behaviour amongst businesses in hackney, tower hamlets and islington.

this became the zero emissions network, or ZEN, which he then sat on the board of during his time working for hackney.

The network provided discounts for companies that used green and sustainable services and products. It started by using the Shoreditch town centre breakfast network and other databases in order to engage with businesses and understand how best to approach supporting their change.

Businesses needed to commit to doing three positive things from a menu of services. One of the areas that Duncan was pushing during his tenure was promoting local businesses as part of this.

Remarkable City later facilitated a city to city best practice sharing session between the City of Oslo and LB Hackney where officers compared notes on the efforts being made in both places and how successful both areas were in supporting local businesses and therefore delivering economic development goals as well as sustainable goals.

ZEN received further funding in 2019 to extend into a wider geographical area. It now has 1,600 businesses signed up and is one of the largest networks of its kind in the world.