Thriving on the edge
of change

We help cities embrace the strength of human capital and build their capacity in a changing world.

Successful cities will be those equipped to see the big picture of what is possible by empowering the public and private, the local and global.

We work at the intersection of local government, business and community interests, making the connections and building the networks that foster adaptability and drive success.


we all need to think like urban entrepreneurs

Today people working within city authorities are becoming more creative, more commercial, more energetic and more ambitious, to match the attitudes that have emerged from the private sector in recent years. 

As initiatives such as Tech City have proved, cross-sector entrepreneurial thinking was an awakening. It was an example of local government creating a start-up that played a key part in bringing broader, industry-wide thinking into an environment where it hadn't been before. 

Today thinking and acting like an urban entrepreneur is the new norm. 


Building the entrepreneurial ecosystem: government and industry must work together


Cities are in a continual process of transformation. To thrive they must confront challenges, develop partnerships, capitalise on opportunities, be competitive, think commercially, embrace creativity from every quarter, understand the value of culture and the importance of renewal. 

Local government can be one of the central agents in the transformation process.

That means being aware of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, being ready to adapt and change, and being active players in the modern digital economy.


What We Do


We help cities establish external-facing functions that consider public and private sector objectives and realise economic development that benefits all.  We collaborate, we actively engage all parties, we look for entrepreneurial innovative ideas, backed by a structured but not rigid framework of thinking and justification.

Doing this helps cities build strength and resilience in the face of constant change. The next fifty years will see increasing populations and changes in business and employment, as well as pressure on cultural organisations and social networks. Cities need to look outward – to attract talent, resources and partners – and inward, building on community, heritage and traditional roots.

We approach regeneration from this broader perspective, where culture is as important as commerce, where local networks are as important as the built environment.


Our Values


We believe in different.

No two cities are alike: difference is vital. Economic and social success is built on finding what is unique about a place, its community and the journey it’s on. Not bland, not homogeneous. Just remarkable in its own individual way.


We work with culture.

We get to know a place to see how it really works. Digging deep, extending reach, building new interfaces between sectors and communities to reinforce cultural strength.


We trust in bold.

Fortune favours the bold. In making change happen boldness is a necessity. We encourage the taking of bold steps, thinking the unthinkable in pursuit of sustainable outcomes.


Latest news


establishing tech city

Client: London Borough of Hackney

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About US


Duncan Ray
Managing Partner

We started Remarkable City because it’s time to encourage broader ways of approaching regeneration and urban renewal.

Founder Duncan Ray is a free-thinker, respected adviser and experienced implementer of regeneration strategies.

With a background in mathematics, broadcast media and management consultancy, Duncan has led regeneration projects for London boroughs, nurturing culture and tapping into the dynamics of the digital economy.

His skills include ideas generation, consultation, network building and generally getting his hands dirty to make things happen.

Daniel Kerbes RC Close 2.png

Daniel Kerbes
Partner & COO

Daniel has held senior management and advisory roles in many industries, designing and implementing processes that make organisations more operationally efficient and delivering lasting transformation through pragmatic programmes of change.

He has worked with a number of FTSE-listed companies. Recently he was the Head of Programmes at the Future Cities Catapult where he designed and structured initiatives to support the health of global cities and help hundreds of smart city startups and SMEs grow and flourish.

Jenny Leighton RC photo.jpg

Jenny Leighton
PRINCIPAL Consultant


Jenny has more that 12 years' experience working in PR and communications for both the private and public sector. Most recently she spent more than three years working in town centre regeneration for the London Borough of Hackney.

She worked very closely with partners, local groups and individuals to help drive, support and enable positive change. This resulted in jobs and opportunities for local people, initiatives and events to encourage community cohesion, support for Hackney businesses as well as strategies to help the borough's high streets thrive.