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hackney international strategy

Client: London Borough of Hackney


working for the director of strategy, policy and economic development, remarkable city created a new framework by which LB Hackney could leverage international brand and relationships to benefit businesses, residents and council teams

Hackney has a strong international reputation from its work leading Hackney House Austin, which saw hundreds of companies generate over £17M of business leads from a pop-up trade mission in Austin during SXSW.  And also from trailblazing work with Oslo, that has seen the creation of the annual Oslo meets Hackney event where the startup ecosystems from both centres come together to help one another innovate and promote trade.

Remarkable City carried out wide consultation amongst Hackney departments, local businesses, London and UK-level trade organisations and international cities and created a value chain view of all the different types of international activities that Hackney has benefited from, and could benefit from.

Following this, Remarkable City created a strategy with a lean operational component and a framework for evaluating and progressing international projects, so as to ensure they tie firmly into LB Hackney's core objectives.


“Duncan has a rare talent for stitching together the raw speed and ambition of startup culture with inertia-bound institutions.

His bi-lingual capabilities, together with a buoyant, inspiring energy, ensure a productivity that always satisfies all quarters.”

Nicolas Roope, Founder & Executive Creative Director, Poke London, and Founder & Creative Director, Hulger & Plumen