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establishing Tech CITY

Client: London Borough of Hackney


We are proud of the work we did with Hackney, the tech industry and Number 10 to establish Tech City, Europe's biggest tech cluster, centered on Shoreditch, east London.

Remarkable City led the programme to establish Tech City within Hackney, working for the London Borough of Hackney.  Key to the approach was to consider the area as a whole, and not just as a tech area.  Numerous forums were created to work with different stakeholders across the area, ensuring everyone was included on the journey.

The team analysed the needs of the industry, and matched these with the needs of the borough, and established a range of policies, interventions and projects.  These helped thousands of businesses get started, and promoted hundreds of businesses on the world stage through events such as Hackney House Austin, a capsule trade mission featuring the area's most innovative creative and maker companies.

Shoreditch is now Europe's startup centre, widely viewed as the capital of London's new economy, a global example of European digital culture and a driver in London shifting east.

The area now employs more than 50,000 people and generates a GDP of £500M, and it has provided thousands of job opportunities for Hackney residents.  Through close working with local cultural and independent hospitality and retail businesses Shoreditch has continued on its own journey.


"Duncan is a rare talent. Energetic, enthusiastic and over flowing with ideas.

Their collaborative approach to city planning and partnering with businesses and communities helped accelerate the transformation of Hackney.

The borough is now a model for what public and private enterprise can achieve together."

Nick Farnhill, CEO, Publicis UK and Poke London