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I had the pleasure of visiting New York City on a field trip with the University of Westminster in february 2018.  We toured around the biggest developments in Manhattan, visiting the World Trade Center area and the new Hudson Yards development, the largest development site in the western world, on 26 acres of land.

Both of these perhaps demonstrate New York falling in love with water - both are right next to the Hudson, away from Midtown, the goliath in the office property market.

With the extension of the 7 train line and major investment by the Port Authority, as well as its proximity to the Meatpacking district and the High Line Hudson Yards is already one of the most sought after addresses for businesses in New York - every single tower has now been capitalised.  Heatherwick Studio have designed a spherical ball that will sit at its centre, the idea being it becomes New York's Eiffel Tower.

We also heard from Silverstein Properties about the towers they have under construction and in development around the formidable and breathtaking 9/11 memorials.  Larry Silverstein had the lease on the original World Trade Center and he invested in his own money to get construction going again following the attack.  His favourite phrase is "never ever bet against New York".  Experiencing their positive energy up close, you'd be a fool to.

Posted on 15th March 2018 from New York City

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